Senior Sales Representative

تاريخ نشر الوظيفة: 2022-05-14

معلومات Senior Sales Representative

اسم الشركة:
مستوى الخبرة: غير مذكور
مستوى التعليم: غير مذكور
التخصص التعليمي: غير مذكور
نوع العمل: Full-Time
الجنس: الكل
اللغات المطلوبة: غير مذكور
العدد المطلوب: غير محدد
مكان العمل: القاهرة
الراتب: غير مذكور
نوع الراتب: Net Salary

تفاصيل Senior Sales Representative


Reporting to the Upper Management, the B2B Sales Manager for the House of Cocoa brand will be responsible for developing and attracting chocolate sales to B2B channels.

Essential Duties and Responsibilities:

To maintain and grow sales for new and existing client base.
To develop an effective sales strategy to attract new & additional sales.
To create and prepare proposals for potential customers, ensuring that all likely additional costs relating to the sale or event have been assessed accurately and communicated.
Meet and exceed all agreed sales targets set by Upper Management.
Maintain and accurately update customer records and database.
Efficiently respond to all customer enquiries in a timely manner.
Work closely and effectively with the marketing and production teams when needed in order to ensure that all B2B contracts are delivered at a high standard and in due time.
For Events, create and prepare accurate proposals to potential customers, ensuring that the offer matches the profile of the event in terms of product selection and budget.
Provide weekly and monthly sales activity reports.
Develop and deliver sales presentations to potential customers.
Produce a clear and accurate Event and Seasons Calendar relative to year events as part of the sales approach strategy.
Organize and attend client meetings both internally and externally

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